How these stages helped me become an entrepreneur


Indeed, being an entrepreneur and creating a start-up has become a sign of pride these days. However, your work as a founder is not restricted till generating revenue and establishing a persona.

On the contrary, an entrepreneur is meant to help the society with his/her ideas and leave an impression of his/her work in such a way that the actions are turned into a legacy.

Starting a venture is not an easy job. There are a whole lot of challenges that would beat the shit out of you. But, in the end, if only you have the fucking guts to not give up, you will realize that everything was worth.

“You are not going to enjoy every minute of the journey, but the success you’ll find at the end will make it all worth it.” — Muhammad Ali

When I started Eventainment, my first start-up, I had to face the challenges to establish myself. Yep, it was a tough job, but fruitful, too. But, how I did that? How I conquered the stages of entrepreneurship? How I managed to build second start-up? Every phase has a story of struggle and fight to tell.

So, here are the stages that made me an entrepreneur.

Stage One: Determination

The reason why half of the people are settlers and the other half are
go-getters is because of the determination. Some people lack this aspect while some others are filled up with it.

When you are determined, you somehow make the time to accomplish all the pending tasks.

While I was struggling to get a grip of the “What’s” and “How’s” of the event management industry, everything seemed too arduous to handle. Because of dearth of knowledge as well as resources, sometimes I had to deliver the goods on my own, just to keep the revenue flowing in.

When you have ambitions, you stand up with your head held high in front of the difficulties and you surmount them.

When you are obsessed with the idea, regardless of the disasters that the world faces, you end up achieving all your goals.

That’s what determination does to you. Nonetheless, it is not a one-time injection but a regular drug and you better be addicted to it. Every passing day, you would have to increase the dose to see the definite growth.

Have you heard about — “The more you know, the less it is”? Yes, that’s what happens here as well. While reaching the highest plateau, people automatically think that there isn’t anything more to climb. They usually give up before reaching the top of the mountain.

This is the perception that differentiates a go-getter from a quitter.

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Stage Two: Perseverance

Not everyone gives up at the plateau, some are wise enough to find the top of the mountain and they hustle.

Even if the determination fades away, perseverance is what keeps them going. You, my dear, would have to find that within yourself.

My days were not always shiny. There were dark clouds hovering over me, threatening to take away every damn achievement from my hand. And then, there were storms that devastated everything all around me.

In such a scenario, persistence lead me towards my destination.

When there will be no determination within you, and you will only find the combination of pride and ambition, sweetened by obscure hope, at that time, perseverance will help you plant a fruitful tree.

“Determination is the path to success. Persistent is the vehicle you arrive in.”

Stage Three: Abandoning

You must reach the top before perseverance leaves you once and for all.

But, wait! What if after reaching the top you realize that the efforts were not worth taking? What if there isn’t any magnificent scenario capable of giving you goose bumps? What if there is no one to hear below while you shout at the top of the world? What if the scenery that you come across is nothing but a monotonous stretch of a field?

This is where abandoning begins. This is the situation that will leave you nothing but ashamed of yourself.

My phase of abandonment started when the only person I trusted my company with, left. When you install your faith in someone, there is no place for doubt. However, when the other person shows you the true colors, you end up being lost.

I met a guy, and I welcomed him to be a part of my start-up. After taking care of him for so long and investing my time & money in him, he flew away. And, I just stood there, misplaced and tormented.

At one point of time, I thought of giving up as I had to start all over again. But, did I give up? Nah!

The phase of abandonment is so uninteresting and never-ending, that most of the people decide to live their lives in that phase. And then, after failing so miserably, they put forth shitty theories that highlight other things better than success.

It is nothing but mere bullshit.

If you are striving enough to never stop, it is inevitable to fall into a dip. And, this dip finalizes whether you will quit or not.

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Stage Four: Vision

What follows the abandoning phase is the phase of vision where your true development takes place.

However, since people reach the vision phase just after falling in the dip, they are exhausted, bored, and have lost all their faith. And, when they have to climb all over again, would they do it?

Will you do it?

I did it. I started my journey from Plan A and created a vision. It was to create moments and be a part of everyone’s happiness.

Not everyone can do that. Just a handful of people are competent enough to find out the vision from the scenario.

Most of the people will think that they will see the same old scenario after climbing the mountain one more time. While others, who are full of guts, will see this as an elevating point.

Therefore, that’s the reason why only a few people tend to develop a mission.

If just from the beginning, you show your determination, chances are you already have a vision.

Let your vision be a driving force.

“Create the highest, grandest vision possible for your life, because you become what you believe.” — Oprah Winfrey.

Stage Five: Mission

Having a mission lets you envision your growth and understand the distinct opportunities that you can utilize to bring a change in the world.

A true mission is that has extraordinary potential.

My mission was to travel the world with my start-up and spread happiness all around.

Once you have discovered your mission, believe that you can develop the power to create a change.

And then, you become able to invest yourself not just in short term goals but long-term as well.

Don’t stop if you have vision.

While vision may bring comfort, the mission is the thing that will help you build your dream & wealth.

So, have you already started your journey? Comment below and tell me in which stage you are currently in.



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